Since culling our possessions, packing boxes, and moving all over the place are going to comprise a large portion of our lives for the foreseeable future, we decided to practice this weekend.  We drove from D.C. up to central PA to my in-law’s house to sort through a bunch of boxes of my husband’s childhood memorabilia that have taken up about 1/4 of his parents’ 2-car garage for the last 10 years.  It was a lot of stuff: close to 50 boxes of random stuff including bank statements from his high school bank account, art projects and backpacks from as far back as kindergarten, pictures, an insane amount of change, a stack of $2 bills, and dozens of boxes of books.  We spent 6 hours sorting through boxes Friday and another 4 hours Saturday but we manage to make time to go see Harry Potter 7.2 on Friday (it was AWESOME) and to get to attend a few hours of a local art festival with his parents and a few friends on Saturday.

Today we brought home 6 boxes of books, pictures, and a few mementos most of which will go into storage until we start getting ready to decide what will go with us to post and what will stay here in storage.  I’m really proud of my husband for being able to donate/throw out/recycle so much of his stuff.  He’s quite sentimental sometimes so doing anything like that is really hard for him but he was a total rock star.  The things we kept are pretty awesome, too: let’s just say our future kids are going to have a totally amazing collection of antique children’s books, our sci-fi bookshelf might need to turn into a bookcase, and the $50-ish in change we found will pay for lunches for the next month.  Now that’s what I call a successful weekend.