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The highlights from this week:

1. I turned in my bid list!  My fate is now in the hands of my capable Career Development Officer (CDO) and I’ll get what I hope is good news in just 11 days.

2. I had a blast at the A-100 off-site trip.  There was loads of team-building, which turned out to be pretty fun, many laughs thanks to our fantastic follies committee, and plenty of partying and karaoke after.

3. Yesterday I got to spend almost the entire day with one of my favorite people making Irish Car Bomb Cake Truffles.  Then I got to share my creations with my classmates at what was a completely fabulous party in one of my classmate’s AMAZING apartments.

Now I’m trying to remember how to read and think and speak in Arabic so I don’t fail my placement test on Tuesday.  I have a real post partially written but I won’t have time to finish it up until after my exam.  Stay tuned!