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So apparently, my default language is still Arabic.  I found this out the hard way yesterday in class when I asked a classmate a question entirely in Arabic.  He laughed and told me he didn’t speak Arabic and after a brief pause I was able to get the question out in Spanish.  My teacher laughed too and said it was totally normal but man, that was embarrassing.

I knew that learning a new language meant that there would be off days but I didn’t expect them to come so early on and I certainly didn’t expect to have 2 of them in a row.  Yep, today was another rough day for me in español.  First strike: we had our first area studies class today so the morning session was only an hour, which meant that as soon as we had shaken off the morning grogginess and hit our stride it was time to end.  Second strike: our teacher was absent this morning so we had a sub and she speaks a different dialect, one that is much faster and more run together than our teacher’s.  Third strike: area studies was basically a wall of English, so our second class session was completely useless, as none of us were really able to get back into Spanish-mode.  I was getting confused by really simple sentences and I actually found myself silently translating everything that was said in class from Spanish into Arabic and then to English.  I couldn’t seem to get my brain to just go from Spanish to English.

Ugh.  Maybe an early night will help?