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Today is our wedding anniversary, so the husband and I are spending a quiet night together enjoying some of our favorite things: dry champagne, spicy salami, goat cheese,  bread, red grapes, and Pitango sweet almond and pistachio gelato.  It should be a simple but delicious meal for us to enjoy urban-picnic style (read: on a blanket in our living room) while we watch our wedding DVD.  We do this every year on our anniversary, although I will admit that we don’t watch the whole thing any more.  Now we focus on what we like to think of as the highlights: the readings done by our mothers, the 2 numbers sung by the extremely talented Danya Katok, and the first kiss.  Then we usually fast forward to our favorite reception parts: our first dance, the hilarious group dances led by my husband’s friends, and the flower girl teaching everyone how to booty-pop.  We wrap up with remembering how seriously delicious our wedding cake was and how glad we are that we didn’t do the passive-aggressive-wedding-cake-smash.

mmmmm cake!

We don’t really do gifts for birthdays and anniversaries.  Instead, we always try to do something low-key together on the actual birthday/anniversary and then we get tickets to a show, a concert, or we book a vacation.  This year we’ve decided to celebrate by taking a short trip down to New Orleans later this fall.  We just booked our tickets and hotel last night and I’m super excited to get to bike around the French Quarter and eat beignets and po’boys for a weekend.