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I bet you all thought I was dead, didn’t you?  Well, surprise!  Not dead, just busy with Spanish and having a hard time thinking of ways to make what I’m doing at work sound more interesting than it really is.  That’s not to say I don’t find Spanish interesting–I definitely do and I’m learning a ton–it’s just not particularly interesting to write about/read about conjugating a thousand er and ir verbs in the preterit and trying to wrap my head around some of the backwards-seeming sentence structures in Spanish.

I took my first progress test last month and I scored a 1+ in speaking and a 1+/2 in reading, which was awesome since we only had to be at a 1+/1+.  I have another assessment sometime next week or the week after and I think I’m supposed to be at a 2/2 by then so we’ll see.  I definitely feel like there was a bit of a plateau this last month.  See, the FSI does this thing where they rotate teachers every few weeks.  In the Spanish section, it’s supposed to be every 4 weeks but my class has ended up on a totally weird schedule.  We had our first teacher for 6 weeks and have had our second for 5 now.

I loved my first teacher.  A lot.  She was fantastic and I wanted her to be my teacher forever.  I like my second teacher.  She’s really funny and witty and I love our one-on-one conversations, but I don’t feel like I”m learning as much or as fast as I was with the first teacher.  I think part of it is that she doesn’t give us homework from the book to do every night – in fact we didn’t do a single thing from the book for almost 3 weeks.  I’ve been trying really hard to self-study and to work from the book every night but it’s hard, especially when I know she might not go over that particular thing in class for another week (or ever!).  I don’t think her teaching style is bad or anything, in fact she does some things that I really love, but I just don’t think her teaching style matches my learning style very well.  We’re for sure getting a new teacher on Monday though, and I think this one is more of a homework every night kind of girl, which I think works better for me.  I’m probably the only person in the world that likes homework, but I really do.  It really helps me learn, especially things like languages.