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We spent all day yesterday bidding on our 2nd tour.

Yep, you read that right: I’m still three months from starting my first tour I just submitted my bids for my 2nd tour which won’t start until 2014.  I don’t have time tonight to fully explain what that means and how it works, but I will try to write something for later this week or next explaining the process.  For now it will have to suffice to say that we spent literally all day yesterday researching and working on our preference point-system and then writing up our bids and justifications.  I can’t really speak about the posts on the list but once I know if I’ve been placed this cycle you can bet your buttons I’ll let you all know the results.

In other news, my normally super with it Spanish teacher somehow managed to assign us more than 50 pages of book work to do this weekend.  Keep in mind that on an average work night we have 3 or 4 pages…on a crazy homework night we might have 10.  I don’t think he really realized a) how many pages were left in this chapter, b) how many pages were in the supplement to this chapter, c) how many pages were in the review of the last 5 chapters.  At least that’s what I keep telling myself because if he actually was aware of how much work that was and then assigned us to do it all anyway we might be having some words tomorrow.  🙂  Needless to say with my ENTIRE day spent yesterday on bidding and a couple of un-breakable social engagements today I will not be doing all 50 pages.  I think I’ve only actually done about 20 of them but I’m tired of Spanish, annoyed that I had to do work crap all weekend, and I just need a break so I’m going to finish writing my paper for Area Studies and call it a night.