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This is going to be a really busy week.

Monday my husband takes his French exam at the FSI, bringing his week of language exams to a close.  He did well on both the Arabic and Turkish exams last week and I am really proud of him for being able to switch languages so quickly.  Once he gets the French one done he’s got just about a month till his Spanish test which is good for both of us since it means we’ll be doing a lot of practicing together.  Monday evening I have my weekly Bachelor viewing party with one of my best friends in the world.  The show is terrible in every way, but I love it and I love watching it with her because she’s so snarky and funny.  Plus it gives me an excuse once a week to bake something yummy (like brie, covered in Raspberry Jalepeño Jam and puff pastry).

Tuesday is Valentine’s Day which for us just means take out of some kind and a movie in our PJs.  However, Tuesday is also probably the last day I’ll see one of my fabulous A-100 friends (Hi T!) before she takes her adorable husband and precious new baby to Sierra Leone.  I’m praying that her pack out goes quickly and that she has time to see me one more time before she leaves…I’m really going to miss her!!

Wednesday looks so far like it’s the only day this week when there isn’t something going on, which usually means that at the last minute something will happen and we’ll end up going somewhere.  I’m hoping we can keep it an empty day though since I could really use a free night to study, and to chill the $%^# out because I am positive that by then I will seriously be freaking out about my exam.

Thursday is my birthday.  I wanted to do something fun and ridiculous with my friends but I think that doing something like that the day before my exam would probably mean that I’d a) not really enjoy the night because I’d be worried about the test and b) not do well on the test because of staying up too late/an abundance of delicious, delicious whiskey.  So instead of celebrating with everyone, the husband and I are going to go to a tasty restaurant a few blocks from our house for a nice dinner and a glass of wine and then we’re going to call it a night.  I’m hoping that doing something low key will help minimize my pre-test jitters.

Friday is THE DAY.  Test day.  I have class in the morning and then an hour-long one-on-one session with a teacher before my test* begins in the early afternoon.  The test is scheduled for 2 hours and most people seem to take the full 2 hours.  The good news is that, unlike the language tests taken during A-100, they tell you what you scored right then and there so there will be no nail-biting over the weekend.  I’ll know when I leave the FSI if I’ve passed and can continue with my current schedule, or if I’ve failed to make the grade and will have to stay in Spanish for a few weeks more.  I am really, REALLY hoping that I pass so send me your good vibes and all your Spanish grammar power.

*I just realized that I definitely have readers who don’t know anything about how the language tests work at the FSI.  I’ll try to put together a post sometime soon that gives an explanation so you all have a better idea of how this works.  No promises on getting it done this week but I’ll try.