Yesterday, we bought a new flat-screen TV.  Our old TV was a whopping 24 inches.  Our new one is 42 inches.  And HD.  And I love it.

Here’s something I don’t love: salesmen who assume that ladies don’t know what they want when it comes to electronics.  After being ignored by 2 different sales guys, I finally found a guy to help me but when we walked over to the TV I wanted, he turned away and started talking to a totally different customer (who was a man).  Then after 6 or 7 minutes, he turned back to me and gave me some lame paper to fill out about my “TV preferences.”  A quick look at the form proved that it was just a ploy to get my contact info and try to upsell me on unnecessary crap like extended warranties, unnecessarily expensive HDMI cables, and “white glove” delivery service (because clearly I cannot be trusted to put a box in my car, drive home, remove the TV from said box, and plop it on the TV stand).   :/  Obviously, I didn’t fill out the paper and I didn’t let that sales rep clock my sale.

I ended up going up to the Customer Service desk and having them call for an available sales guy to help me.  He was pretty nice, but of course he tried to sell me on all kinds of useless things including an extra service plan for “just $69.99” that protects my new TV from the dreaded burn-in that can happen with plasma TVs if an image remains on the screen for too long.  Except, I was buying an LCD TV, which doesn’t get burn-in.  Yep.  He tried to sell me a protection plan for a completely different type of TV.  I politely declined, paid, and we got the hell out of there.

I love the TV and I am so glad we won’t have to repeat that experience any time soon!