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I don’t ask much of my (awesome) blog readers and I’ve tried really hard not to turn this blog into a personal soap box.  That is sometimes hard to do because, as those of you who know me in real life, I have many thoughts about pretty much everything.  🙂  However; today I am going to break my rule about soap boxes and about making requests of my readers and I hope that once you finish reading this post you’ll understand why.

I have a friend at work named Hannah.  She is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met and pretty much from day one I admired her ability to charm and disarm an entire room full of people without saying a word.  She has an utterly infectious laugh, she is brilliant, and she is driven.  She is also suffering from what is called a thymoma, a rare type of tumor in her chest.  In her case the tumor is rather large, which is especially bad since she’s a pretty small person.

After 6 grueling weeks of chemotherapy, Hannah found out last week that the tumor did not respond to the chemo…it actually got bigger.  In spite of the bad news from her doctor, she is still smiling, perky, and motivated to kick this thing to the curb.

Here’s where (some) of you folks come in.  I know that a pretty large number of you are federal employees and luckily for Hannah, the federal government has a government-wide leave donation program.  Today, I’m asking you all to please consider donating some leave to Hannah so she can get the surgery and treatment she needs without losing pay.  I know the summer holidays are coming up and many of you have plans for your leave, but I’m going to climb up on my soap box for a minute and appeal to your good conscience, your kindness, and your compassion.  Please help my friend.

Here’s how to donate:

State Department Employees:
Email, fax, or mail form DS-1862 (found via intranet) to the address found in the leave donation request announcement found here. [Note: you must be able to access DoS intranet for this link to work]

Employees of other federal agencies:
Fill out form OPM 630b and then have someone from your agency’s HR sign and date the bottom part of the form.  You’ll need the name of the State Department contact in HR as well as some info about Hannah, but I’d rather not have that just floating around the internet so please email me at cupcakediplomacy AT gmail DOT com and I will get you the necessary info ASAP.

Thank you everyone!

If you want to see first hand just how effing incredible this girl is, here’s her most recent video update: