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Quick note to everyone who has re-blogged, linked, or otherwise passed along the word about Hannah:  It sounds like many of you are planning to donate (or already have) and for that I cannot thank you enough and I know Hannah thanks you too.  🙂

We pack out in less than 2 weeks.  HOLYCRAPWEPACKOUTINLESSTHAN2WEEKS.  I’m in pretty much full on crazy-person mode at this point.  I don’t finish ConGen until the day before the movers come which means I’ll be relying almost entirely on my husband to finish prepping and sorting all of our worldly possessions into piles: stuff to take in the car, UAB (unaccompanied air baggage – i.e. the stuff getting to post earliest), HHE (household effects – i.e. the stuff coming on the slow boat, er…truck), stuff to stay here in storage, stuff to donate/sell.

I’m completely freaked out by this whole process.  I’ve started having nightmares — ones where the movers break all of the antique glassware I got from my grandma, crush the handmade paper wreath that one of my best friends made for me, and I can’t even type what they did to my piano in my last nightmare…it’s too horrible to think about.  These nightmares happen just about every other night at this point.  On the off nights, I’m usually plagued by nightmares of getting fired in increasingly absurd ways.  Needless to say, I haven’t been sleeping well, which hasn’t helped me chill out about the move.

I think I’m so freaked out by this because while I know we are leaving our apartment in 2 weeks, we haven’t packed anything so it doesn’t feel like we’re leaving so soon.  My brain just can’t process the fact that we’re moving and we haven’t started packing.  For those of you not up on your State Department regs, we are not allowed to pack our stuff.  Once we’ve sorted everything into the aforementioned piles, a team of packers/movers will come into the apartment and wrap/pack everything and load it onto a truck. When we get to post another team of movers will unload everything into our house and remove all of the packing materials.

Now, a person who is less…shall we say…particular*… about how their stuff is packed would probably jump for joy at the idea of a bunch of other people dealing with all the drudgery of packing.  Unfortunately, I am not that person and while I really hate the actual act of packing, I hate even more the idea of a bunch of strangers packing my stuff.  I know they’re professionals and deep down I am sure they’ll do a fine job, but we’ve packed and moved all our crap from place to place to place so many times over the years that we have this down to a science.  I just don’t trust anyone else to pack our stuff as well as I know we can.

Most everyone I’ve talked to who has done a few pack-outs has told me to chill the #$^@ out about it and enjoy the fact that I don’t have to do anything.  I recognize that this is really good advice.  I’m just having a hard time taking it.

Any veterans out there have some advice for the first time pack-out of a [maybe more than] slightly obsessive-compulsive control freak?


*particular is the word that my husband uses to describe me when he thinks I’m being a control freak.  I like that he has a diplomatic term for it.  🙂