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It’s only Tuesday and already we’ve had a big week.  My husband finished ConGen yesterday which officially checks one of the boxes on the list of things he needs to do to secure employment at post.  Today, he checked off yet another critical box: he took the FSI Spanish exam.

Since he held down a full-time job right up until his ConGen class started mid-February, his Spanish studies were much more limited than mine.  He was able to take an early morning course which gave him 1 hour per weekday of Spanish but 7:30 a.m. definitely isn’t his ideal time for language study so the course was a bit of a struggle.  Luckily, since his course was so abbreviated and since the available position at post only required a 1/1 in Spanish, we were both pretty confident that he’d make the grade.

After a full 2 hour exam and after waiting more than 40 minutes while his examiner and tester discussed his performance, my amazing husband walked out of the testing center today with a 2/2+ in Spanish.  Coming from pretty much a 0/0 and with what amounts to really only 100 hours of instruction, he did a phenomenal job and I could not be prouder of him.

I really hit the husband jackpot and I cannot wait to take on la frontera with him at my side.  This is going to be a blast [if we can just get our crap packed and get there already]!