Our pack-out survey was yesterday and according to my husband it went really well and he’s not anywhere near as stressed about this move as he was before.  I’m not going to lie…I’m still pretty stressed about the move but the suggestions I’ve gotten from you all so far have been fabulous.  Please, please keep them coming!  We’re going to head over to the Container Store later today to pick up a couple of bins and we got the a-OK from the movers to pre-pack a few things like my paper wreath and a few heirloom books that will stay in storage.  Today we’re scanning and backing up what feels like a million documents ranging from previous tax returns to info about our 401(k), to maintenance receipts and the title to our car.

But because (as previously established) I am a crazy person, I am also prepping this weekend to attend 2 different holiday dinners: a seder dinner tonight and an Easter luncheon tomorrow.  So today, as soon as I finish this post I’m heading into the kitchen, donning my favorite ruffled, girly apron, and whipping up a batch of my grandma’s amazing toffee which I will then pour over a pan of matzoh and then top with melted chocolate and toasted coconut.  YUM. For Easter tomorrow I’m making side dishes, which this time of year means asparagus and kale.  I think I’m going to steam the asparagus in Meyer lemon water and tarragon and the kale will be blanched then lightly sauteed with re-hydrated raisins/cranberries/currants, shallots, garlic, and served with slivered almonds (don’t worry J – I’ll leave the almonds on the side!).  I’ve also been DYING to try Pioneer Woman’s hot cross bun recipe, but that might be a teeny bit too involved for a weekend like this one but I do have a bunch of baking ingredients that I really should use up before we move so we’ll see.

I hope you all have a lovely Passover, a happy Easter, or just a fabulous weekend!