When we originally planned this road trip to Mexico, I had high hopes of blogging each city we stopped in: detailing the amazing cultural things we saw and posting pictures of our favorite locations.  Unfortunately, the State Department had other plans.  Do you know how far 440 miles per day (minimum) actually is?  I mean, obviously, it’s 440 miles but do you know how long that takes when you’re driving through the Appalachians in Tennessee and then you cross into Arkansas and get stuck in a completely pointless vaguely construction related traffic jam?  SO. MANY. HOURS.  Enough hours that there isn’t time enough to even eat dinner let alone visit anything even remotely cultural before falling into a dead sleep, half-dressed with my glasses still on.  Needless to say, a blog post about that would be pretty boring.

Once we got through what seriously was the weirdest traffic jam ever* and got into Little Rock it was quite lovely.  The river front is built up pretty nicely and there are a bunch of trails and bridges to explore.  It’s a pretty touristy area though so no one really lives in the river front area…as evidenced by the fact that we had to drive 3 miles to get to a drug store to buy dental floss.

The other cool thing about Little Rock was the Clinton Presidential Library, which we toured yesterday afternoon.  It was really interesting.  They had a full scale mock-up of the Cabinet Room with these little interactive computers that gave you information about the administration, how it functioned, and who the players were.  I read all the info in Spanish which was lots of fun even if it did take me a little longer to get through everything.  It felt sort of like I was studying, which made me feel better about listening to Tina Fey read “Bossypants” in the car instead of finding a Spanish talk-radio station to listen to.

Today we’re in Texas and it’s true that things here are bigger.  The highways are almost comically wide and the reservoir that supplies the water to Dallas is ENORMOUS…I mean, it’s no Lake Michigan, but I was genuinely surprised at how huge it was.  We’ve got a long drive ahead of us today and there are supposed to be thunderstorms so I’ll have to let you know later if those are bigger here too.

2 more days in the U.S.A. and then we cross the border to Mexico!


*We were at a complete standstill on the highway for almost an hour in the left lane of a 2 lane highway.  No one was in the right lane, which I assumed meant that I had missed a construction warning sign that everyone else had seen.  But no, there was no construction in the right lane.  There had been a cop car parked on the right shoulder with his lights on and everyone just assumed that that meant the right lane was booby trapped.  For an hour.