We’re here! Today we crossed the border and successfully made it to our house. It’s really weird that in less than 10 minutes we entered a new country and it’s even weirder that I can clearly see El Paso from our house.

Our house is lovely, even if we have no yard and all the furniture is from 1992. In reality, I’m not too sad about the lack of yard because it means I don’t have to pay anyone to mow it. Hooray!! As for the furniture, I think with some creative rearrangement we can make it work and if we do it right we’ll have room for all the bookcases and the piano that are coming in our HHE. Hopefully.

Also awesome: we get U.S. cell reception in most of our house.

It was an incredibly long day and I’m exhausted so I think we’re going to head to bed…hasta luego!