Our UAB was delivered yesterday.  Hooray!  I think it might be a record: we’ve only been here 2 days.  Two of our three boxes arrived in pretty good condition — the paper was a little torn on one of them but the box itself remained intact.  One of them arrived with several, 6-inch holes punched straight through the bottom.  I’m pretty sure a forklift at the airport went right through it.  The shipping manager at work warned me about the holes (in Spanish!) and explained that his staff took copious pictures of them when the picked up the box.  He also explained to me (still in Spanish) about the process of filing a claim with the Department.  Apparently it takes a long time and I’d be better off filing with my personal insurance.

This all happened mid-morning, and I had briefings the rest of the day so I didn’t get to leave to be at home when the boxes were delivered.  I told my husband to open up the undamaged ones and that we’d open the damaged one when I got back.  That way he didn’t feel like he had to be the bearer of bad news.  I wasn’t sure which box it was and the shipping guy didn’t know the serial number on the box so I could check my inventory.  I could see some linens peeking out in one of the pictures, but I knew that 2 of the boxes had linens in them so that wasn’t much help.  I spent the rest of the day kind of nervous and pretty convinced that either the PS3 or the KitchenAid were broken and in pieces in the box.

After work, I came home and was pleasantly surprised that my fabulous, if only temporary, house-husband* had already unpacked the undamaged boxes and both the PS3 and the KitchenAid were in the clear.  Hooray!  I changed out of my work clothes and we tackled the broken box.

Total damages:

  • 1 tall water glass which in all likelihood was cracked before we packed it
  • 1 plastic blanket bag that had a giant hole right through the corner
  • 2 white kitchen towels that were in the blanket bag but that only had rusty streaks on them (from what was obviously a forklift)

That’s it.  Nothing else was even nicked.  Now, we just have to put everything away…

*my husband and I made a deal long ago when we first took the FSOT together that if one of us passed and the other didn’t, the non-passer would keep trying to get in so we can be tandem but also be willing to work any job in the mission or serve as house-spouse in the meantime.  My husband re-takes the FSOT in June (wish him luck!) and he’s got a job in the works but for now he’s serving dutifully as my house-husband.  🙂