Today ends my first full week at post.  Training is going well, although it’s hard to find the time to actually get trained on everything when my trainer is also working full time on the visa line.  We’re getting it done though and I’m feeling more comfortable in the systems and more confident that I can do this job at least marginally well.  I haven’t started interviewing yet.  That will probably come sometime this coming week and that does still make me nervous, especially about my language skills.  I’m definitely not used to the Mexican accent and even now I find myself rehashing conversations or comments made in passing hours later and finally remembering that I do know that verb or that construction.

It’s so frustrating to be surrounded by a language that I sort of know but not to be able to fully participate in anything.  I have to be 100% geared up and focused to understand what is going on around me which is really exhausting.  I know it will get better but it’s really annoying and tiring right now.  My brain needs a nap.

On the bright side, I did manage successfully to do some important things in Spanish this week:

1. Spent approximately 1 hour in an SUV with a native of Juarez talking about Mexican food, restaurants, and living in Juarez.  I only had to ask him to clarify 2 words I didn’t know.

2. Applied for my residency permit at the Mexican Immigration office at the border.

3. Went to the grocery store.

4. Applied for and paid for my border-crossing-toll-tickets that will allow me to take full advantage of the SENTRI lane.

5. Enrolled in the local movie theater club card which gives me 2-for-1 movie tickets every Tuesday and a whole host of other perks.