Last night we made banana bread.  After taking about half an hour to reach the proper pre-heated temperature, the oven proceeded to get hotter, even though I had it set to what should have been was 350 degrees Fahrenheit. I fiddled with the dial a little bit and even though we monitored the loaves every 15 minutes or so, both ended up with the tops perfectly moist and the bottoms burnt to hell.  Ugh. I think now that we’re more than 3 months into our time here we’ve given this oven ample time to stop being craptastic and we’re going to call in the big guns: GSO.  I’m not sure if there’s anything they can do, but I am going to mention the fact that the outside of the oven and everything it touches gets scorching hot when it’s turned on and I’m pretty sure that that’s not normal.  I shouldn’t be able to tell that my oven is on by reaching into the eye-level cabinet to the left of the stove, right? Likewise, I shouldn’t end up with a 2nd degree burn on my knee from tapping the outside of the oven with my bare leg while baking potatoes… Cross your fingers for me! 

In other news, we’ve had a busy last few weeks with multiple class reunions, an insane weekend trip to Ruidoso, NM with a bunch of work friends, and trying to watch the maximum amount of Olympics events in spite of NBCs truly terrible coverage. This month should be a little bit less insane theoretically but every time I say that things get utterly crazy again so I really should just keep my big mouth shut. The husband’s birthday is coming up, and we’ve planned what should be a really fun trip to visit some friends at another post here in Mexico.  We’re also heading into fun-holiday season so there should be some really fun events to blog about in the very near future. Stay tuned!