…the appliances get even*

Guys, I think my appliances know that I’ve been talking smack about our oven. I’m pretty sure they found out about my various posts detailing just how much I loathe the oven and they decided that two could play at that game: yesterday, at about 3:30 I opened the freezer to pull out some chicken I wanted to defrost for grilling today and I noticed that everything in the freezer was covered with a thick layer of freezer frost.  Some of the ziplock bags I had filled with blueberry muffin batter (pre-portioned into cups, of course) were filling up with condensation. I touched another ziplock bag full of what should have been rock-solid frozen marinara sauce and it was barely cool to the touch. I opened the fridge and checked the eggs and milk: cool but definitely not cold.

Yep. Despite having full power and running motors, both our fridge and freezer completely stopped functioning probably some time early in the morning yesterday.  This meant that all the batters I made and froze in preparation for SUPERMEGADRUNKBRUNCH later this month had to be cooked…STAT. So late yesterday afternoon I proceeded to bake 3 batches of blueberry muffins and 2 batches of scones. Once cool, I tossed them all into this handy cupcake carrier that I have so they wouldn’t get stale in the dry, dry desert that is our house and then I told a bunch of our friends to come over today for brunch to help us eat through the baked goods.

Can I just say that I have totally awesome friends here?  They not only came for brunch but they brought champagne; they brought orange juice; they brought bacon (So. Much. Bacon.); and we had what I think was a pretty phenomenal minimegadrunkbrunch.

We spent this afternoon grilling. We grilled some veggies for dinner and lunch tomorrow, and we marinated and grilled the chicken that yesterday, in true Paul-Revere style, heralded the coming appliance meltdown.  The stuff from the freezer that we wanted to keep frozen is currently residing in the freezer of a neighbor. Eggs, milk, cheese, and other daily necessities are buried under kilos of ice in 2 large coolers in our kitchen.  I feel like we’re camping and I never was very good at long term camping.

To add insult to injury, in the midst of the grilling madness this afternoon the blinds in our living room broke and I’ve just now discovered that one of our dining room chairs is missing that stupid plastic cap that covers the nail so the chair is out of commission until GSO can replace the cap because with out it it scratches the tile.

*sigh* My house is fighting back and I don’t think I like it.

*bonus points if you get the Hatfield-McCoy reference. 🙂