First, I made this dough.  Then I rolled it out and filled it with this filling.

It was a beautiful, orange, pumpkin-y disaster. The dough was so soft that it wouldn’t roll tightly.  The filling was so oozy that it seeped out the sides. But I did not let that stop me. Once I had wrangled the soft, doughy, cheesecakey goodness into what sort of resembled a log of pre-cut cinnamon rolls, I got out my trusty serrated knife and cut the log into 1 inch pieces. Then, since there was absolutely no way to tell that they had been rolled or swirled, I gently patted each 1-inch piece into a tiny log, and rolled it up cinnamon-roll style.

Half of the rolls I put on a cookie sheet and stuck in my freezer for future breakfasts.  They look like this:

The rest of the rolls I’m going to proof and then bake.  They’ve been proofing for about 20 minutes at this point, and they look like this:

I’ll update this post once they’ve been baked and glazed.  I’m so excited to finally kick off my fall baking!


Update: Just pulled the rolls from the oven. They look gorgeous!


Unfortunately, the pumpkin cheesecake filling sort of melted into the dough so they don’t really have the swirl of cheesecake that I was hoping for. That said, they’re delicious and so, so pumpkin-y. They really do make me feel like it’s finally fall.  I’ve got a few ideas on how to perfect the recipe so I’ll be making them again sometime soon. YUM.