This month has flown by. I’ve so far managed to miss blogging about Halloween (which, just for the record, is one of my least favorite holidays), our awesome trip to Tucson which led to a delightful jaunt up to the IKEA in Tempe where we spent 2 hours and several hundred dollars buying things to make our house feel more like home, my mother-in-law’s first visit to Ciudad Juarez, and the ramping up to my favorite holiday of all: Thanksgiving.

Needless to say I’m a bit ashamed at my lack of blogging skills.  But hopefully this week will lead to lots of bloggable-fun: my best friend, Kathy, arrives from Maryland tomorrow evening and on Wednesday my other best friend, M, arrives from the D.C. area to spend the holiday here in Juarez. One of my brothers may also make an appearance, as he is currently motorcycling his way down here from the frozen tundra of Chicago.  That means three of my favorite people in the whole world will be here at once which makes me so excited I think I might burst. This. Is. Going. To. Be. Awesome.


At last count, we have 15 people coming for dinner. I only own place settings for 12. I only have 11 chairs in my entire house. My table seats 10 if you squeeze. Our living room only has 2 arm chairs, with nary a couch to be seen. My fridge is half-size and not as deep as a standard fridge. And while my new oven is pretty effing fantastic, it is only 1 oven and I have about 10 different things I need to cook between now and Thursday.

What the hell have I gotten myself into? How am I going to make this work?  Does anyone know if Mary Poppins can do to my house what she did to that bag so I can somehow fit everyone and everything in with room to spare?