Even though Foreign Service officers are spread out across the globe, we all sort of live in the same tiny fishbowl. Everyone pretty much knows everyone else. Or they know someone who knows everyone else. There are some aspects of this that I really like. Like the fact that it makes work sort of feel like a great big family. I like knowing that there’s always someone I can call if I get in trouble or if I need to borrow a cup of molasses.*

But there are a few downsides to feeling like you’re surrounded by your family. Sometimes being surrounded by your family is exhausting. Sometimes I just want to hang out with someone who I don’t see all day, every day. Except, I don’t know anyone here that I don’t work with. It’s not that I don’t enjoy my friends here–I do, they are totally awesome–but I do sometimes miss having that separation between work and home life.



*Seriously, does anyone have a cup of molasses I can have? I definitely misjudged my molasses supply and I’m making gingerbread on Monday).