It’s been a long week, even though I took Monday off and Wednesday was an administrative day so we didn’t have any interviews.  The first week after any vacation is always kind of hard, but I wasn’t expecting it to hit me quite as hard as this. I am definitely happy to be home, but it’s been a uphill battle this week to say the least. I’m glad it’s the weekend.

We did do some fun things this week, however.  Sunday evening we went to a great Orthodox Christmas party with no less than 40 of our closest friends and colleagues here.  It really was a hell of a party, and I’m incredibly impressed that the 2 officers who planned the event were able to do so in such a big way with relatively little time to prepare.  I’m pretty sure everyone’s new year’s resolutions regarding diet were completely thrown to the wind due to the copious amounts of homemade perogies, potato pancakes, and poppy seed roll we all consumed.  Later that night we watched the Season 3 premier of Downton Abbey with a newly arrived officer who was still without TV in her house.

On Tuesday night, after what seems like an eternity, we were happily reunited with some of our good friends here who, for various reasons, we hadn’t really hung out with since before Thanksgiving. I made bacon, white bean, and spinach mini-pot pies and we just sat around drinking green chile wine and talking. I’ve really missed hanging out with them so it was really nice to just have a chill night at home to catch up with them.


Today at work I said goodbye to three of my favorite officers at post, all of whom are moving on to some seriously incredible 2nd tours (Turkey? Denmark? Mozambique? Yes, please!).  While I am utterly thrilled for them and can’t wait to hear all about their next adventures, saying goodbye was sad. Like, really sad. Officers have been coming and going pretty steadily since we got here but today was the first time officers that I got really close to have left and I’m still not sure how work is going to go on without them. Seeing their empty desks as I left the office today was just crazy. I guess I need to get used to it though, because this is pretty much going to be the way it is from here on out and it’s only going to get harder.

I’m already counting down till we reunite.