Guess what I did today?  I went for a walk. Outside. On a sidewalk lined with giant, green, trees. In a refreshing, light rainstorm.

Anyone who has been to Juarez will really understand how crazy awesome that is. In Juarez, you don’t walk outside. It’s either eleventy billion degrees out, blowing dust so think you can barely see, or…yeah those are pretty much the options. There are virtually no sidewalks in Juarez, which is sort of ok since there really isn’t anywhere you’d really want to go. There are neither giant nor green trees in Juarez. But if you like tumbleweeds, do I have a town for you! Finally, the last time it rained in Juarez was…actually I can’t remember the last time it rained. Sometime earlier this summer, but I really don’t remember. It’s that infrequent. So yeah, today I checked off a bunch of boxes on my “OMG I forgot how awesome being in a city is” list. 

MIssion Mexico has really been slammed for numbers lately and one of the good things about being in such a large mission is that there are a lot of resources to be had within the mission itself. That is how I ended up on my second TDY this year, this time down in one of my favorite cities ever: Mexico City. I love this place. LIke, really. And not just because of the sidewalks, although I do have to give props to the government here for hiring street sweepers to pick up trash and sweep leaves off the major pedestrian thoroughfares every single day. Well done, D.F. Well done. But seriously, I love this place because there is just so much life here. It’s everywhere: from the trees, to the sidewalk vendors, to the crazy long lines of busses queueing up for rush hour.  Being here makes me feel really energized and I love being able to take the city bus and to be able to actually get out and explore a little. Hopefully I’ll have enough downtime here to really get to see some things. 

Visa work here is not super different from visa work in Juarez or in Monterrey, although the numbers here are pretty incredible. Most officers do more than 100 interviews per day and many do a lot more than that. All the officers have been really nice, the local staff is great, and being really busy makes the day go by very quickly. There are a lot of newbies on the line, which has the potential to be really scary/stressful for everyone else but the team here is really great and even the newest officers are doing a good job of pulling their weight. It does make me very grateful that I started in CJ at a time when a busy day was usually around 600 applicants for 12 officers. I’m sure I would have gotten up to speed faster if I had been sent somewhere like here where it’s kind of sink or swim in terms of numbers, but I’m glad I was able to take my time learning the quirks of the system and really getting to know the applicant pool. 

In other, completely non-related news. My husband got the bid list today and we are pleasantly surprised by its contents. I don’t want to jinx us so I’ll not say anything more until Flag Day, but I am pretty relieved. 

Much more to come, but I’m off to eat some dinner now. Hasta luego!