I’m currently in a plane, heading back to Washington to attend my husband’s swearing-in ceremony tomorrow afternoon and to visit with my parents and in-laws, all of whom will be in town for the occasion. I’ve had a week to digest the results of Flag Day and I’m happy to say they are no less exciting a week later. I can’t believe how lucky we got and that we’re going to get to continue this adventure together, both as officers. It has been my husband’s dream for years now to be a diplomat and to represent the USA overseas and I’m so excited to get to witness the fulfillment of his lifelong dream.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I promised a proper recap of last weekend so I’ll start there:

The weekend started with a lie. I know, I know, lying is terrible and I shouldn’t do it. But this was a good lie: I told my husband weeks ago when I bought the ticket that I was flying in on Thursday evening, but I secretly bought a ticket to fly in Wednesday during the day, as it was his birthday and I knew he was having a party that night. I booked my ticket so I’d arrive mid afternoon just in case there was a delay and I missed a leg of the flight. I wanted to be certain that I’d make it to the party.

I was nervous getting on the plane that morning because I had been really sick the previous 4 days and when I’m sick I usually have problems with my ears and changing altitude can be quite painful. But I got lucky and all the decongestants I downed during those days I was home sick managed to clear my ears enough that I didn’t have any problems. Once I landed in DC, I headed up to my favorite bakery in Columbia Heights to pick up a carrot cake and from there I made my way down to Chinatown to my husband’s apartment. I had told him that I ordered him a present and that it was being delivered that afternoon so once I got there, I called him and made up a story about how the delivery guy had called me because of some problem with the front desk accepting the package and could he please go downstairs to figure out what had gone wrong. The look on his face when he walked out of the elevator and saw me standing there with cake in hand was just priceless. He was totally surprised and he maintains that he had no clue I was coming. Birthday surprise success!! His party was really fun, and it was great to meet some of his A-100 friends.

I spent Thursday hanging out with my friends, eating brunch at Founding Farmer’s, and shopping. I visited my good friend J.Crew and (shameless self congratulations) bought a pair of pants in a size I haven’t worn since before graduate school. All that running and eating mostly vegetables and protein has resulted in about 18 lbs lost since April. Hooray! I still have a few pounds to go to meet my goal, but this is an excellent start and it was great to get to share that milestone with my husband. We celebrated by ordering Thai food and watching Sherlock on Netflix. What can I say, we’re total party animals.

Friday morning I went for a quick run, met a friend for one last fancy lunch before her departure to Afghanistan, and then headed out to FSI. Several of my other favorite former Juarez colleagues met me at FSI and we spent some time catching up and taking deep, soothing, breaths to calm my nerves. The ceremony started late and Doha didn’t come up until about 3/4 of the way through. When they said his name, I literally screamed I was so happy. After the ceremony we headed to happy hour with his class and later went to a great celebratory house party. The rest of the weekend was spent catching up with friends (board games! baked goods! Mel Brooks movies!) and biking around the city. When Sunday afternoon rolled around and it was time to leave, I couldn’t believe how fast the time had gone by.

I’m excited to get to watch my husband take the oath of service tomorrow. I know he technically already took it (for those who don’t know, as federal employees we have to take the oath of service officially before we can get paid, so it’s generally done very first thing in the morning on day one of any federal job), but there’s just something about all the pomp and circumstance of the swearing-in ceremony at the State Department. I don’t know who the speaker is just yet, but I know it will be someone interesting. I can’t believe this is finally happening!